City Cement is one of the leading Cement manufacturers that deliver top-notch quality to downstream construction markets.

The products are well suited for all construction applications We are known to be trusted partners delivering enhanced quality, improved efficiency, and fully optimized products.

Tailored to the Application Cement

City Cement emerges as the leader in the delivery of tailored constructive solutions. This is supported by the technical preparatory knowledge and manufacturing capacity, which assists in designing and producing the appropriate high-quality cement composition. We offer recognized expertise in adapting chemical technology, making this product a perfect choice for specific applications.

Ordinary Portland Cement

SASO GSO 1914, Type I
ASTM C150, Type I

The product is produced by heating a mixture of limestone, clay, and other materials in special rotary kilns at high temperatures to partially melt. The sintered mass is then cooled to form Clinker, which is grounded along with mineral gypsum to form Ordinary Portland Cement. This product is suitable for general construction, modern architecture, reinforced concrete, repair, maintenance & restoration works, etc.

Plastering works
Construction work
All types of finishes
Block and tile industry
Concrete structure works
Concrete pipe industry

Sulphate Resistance Cement

SASO GSO 1914, Type V
ASTM C150, Type V

This cement is characterized by low contents of Tri-Calcium Aluminate (C3A). It chemically reacts with sulfate ions available in the soil, cement structures, and foundations.

Dams and land infrastructure
Coastal ports and platforms
Wastewater treatment plants

Green Finishing Cement


To lower carbon emission, we have initiated the production of Green Finishing Cement. Utilizing industrial cement byproducts, it allows for the reservation of natural resources by reducing their consumption. This product is characterized by a lighter colour, robustness in aggressive conditions, sulfate resistance, lower heat of hydration and high workability.