Sustainability is an essential pillar of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, as we at Al City Cement Company strive towards a future that ensures the sustainability of zero carbon neutrality with a commitment to clean and renewable energy by adopting sustainable and innovative technologies and solutions for energy production. The company has initiated many projects and initiatives aimed at applying the best international standards. Technical and technical in the field of industry, achieving sustainability and protecting the environment through developing the energy mix using alternative fuels and enhancing opportunities to apply the concept of smart factories and benefiting from the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to raise operating efficiency.

Environmental achievements in City Cement

Alternative fuels

The use of alternative fuels in the cement industry to generate thermal energy in kilns is considered one of the most difficult challenges facing the industry because of the challenges it entails at the level of the entire supply chains and manufacturing stages, in addition to skilled and trained technical competencies to enable immediate and continuous monitoring to ensure the achievement of environmental compliance standards and product quality. The company has been able Through its ambitions and hard work in cooperation with an elite group of specialized consulting bodies and the competencies and technical skills of employees of the industrial sector, we are able to reach high global rates in replacing petroleum fuels according to best practices.

Utilize wasted energy

The company invested in technology to capture heat from furnaces and pass it through stages and boilers to operate turbines to generate clean energy of up to 16 megawatts by taking advantage of waste heat.

Excellence in operating efficiency and human cadres development

The company is keen to raise the level of institutional work and have developed work policies and procedures that enable it to set targets and performance measurement indicators according to the best standards in the industry globally. It has succeeded in implementing a number of technical and technical programs to ensure monitoring the achievement of the targets and qualifying and training human competencies for this.

Environmentally friendly products

The company was able to manufacture environmentally friendly products and building materials at competitive prices to keep pace with the Kingdom’s trend in reducing the carbon footprint and building sustainably to preserve the environment.

Research and development journey

The company has succeeded in creating a creative work environment to attract the best technical and administrative competencies and in cooperation with international consulting bodies to continue research, development and innovation. Praise be to God, it has succeeded in achieving standards that match the performance of advanced international companies in the field of industry at all levels. The company has also succeeded in a number of experiments with Saudi Aramco. SABIC and other leading industrial companies study the use of different types of industrial waste and find innovative environmental solutions to treat them.

Social Responsibility

Believing in the role of the City Cement Company in serving the community and making positive contributions to community development, the company is keen on its societal role by sponsoring community, cultural and sporting activities and events in the region and some areas of the neighboring governorates. In this context, the City Cement Company is keen to host school students and university trainees in its factory to inform them On the stages of cement production and the measures taken by the company in the field of security, safety and environmental preservation at all stages of production.


Contributing to enabling the creation of new industries (circular economy) and its impact on local content and development:

The company was keen to implement the concept of shared value by achieving sustainability and social responsibility in a manner consistent with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and its outcomes, such as rationalizing the use of petroleum fuel and preserving the environment, and enhancing opportunities for vertical and horizontal strategic integration to contribute to the sustainability of resources and to be possible for the creation of new industries, and to ensure the strengthening of the concept of the economy. Ring by creating added value to the economy and providing business opportunities for small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs in the system in general and expanding the circle of supply chains. The company, through its subsidiary Green Solutions Company, succeeded in establishing the “Innovative Alternatives for Environmental Services Company” in partnership with the owned and owned Tadweer Company for Environmental Services. The Saudi Investment and Recycling Company (SIRC), one of the Public Investment Fund companies.

Clean and renewable energy:

The company has invested in technology to utilize waste heat from cement kilns and convert it into electrical energy, as the unit generates more than 16 megawatts of clean energy, and is working on a renewable energy project with national companies to ensure raising the value of local content.

Green environmental products:

The company produces environmentally friendly products, using alternative raw materials, as well as generating thermal energy by recycling different types of waste and converting them into thermal energy, which contributes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The company also seeks to continue to find and develop artistic and technological solutions to achieve the principle of environmental sustainability according to Global best practices, through cooperation with specialized international bodies for greening products.

Applying the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and benefiting from artificial intelligence technologies:

The company invested in developing the infrastructure and requirements necessary to begin the journey of digital transformation and automation, and it ranked first locally and seventh globally in the Future Factories Program, which aims to transform the factory from relying on low-skilled labor to operational efficiency and automation, as the program uses the SIRI Index Readiness methodology for evaluation. Industries Smart) is the global indicator adopted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to measure the level of maturity of Saudi factories through certified evaluators to adopt the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and their readiness for digital transformation. The company is also in the process of signing memorandums of understanding with the relevant authorities to discuss opportunities to benefit from artificial intelligence technologies and other tools and technologies. Appropriate to increase the efficiency of the company’s operational activities.

To ensure the continuation of the journey of success, three internal programs were established responsible for following up and applying international best practices:

Barq program

A program specializing in digital transformation, which is one of the basic pillars of achieving Vision 2030, and because the world of technology is changing day by day, we at City Cement were keen to use digital technologies that are adopted by employees and that are better compatible with the requirements of our partners, including employees, customers, shareholders, and suppliers, and help us facilitate our operations and reduce the use of paper to raise… Efficient productivity, reducing operational costs and maintaining longer environmental sustainability.

Solutions program

Believing in the necessity of preserving natural resources and completing our journey in preserving the environment, we at City Cement were keen to use alternatives to fossil fuels, raise the efficiency of water treatment and optimize its use, in addition to using solar energy as an electricity generator. All this and more in order to be more sustainable by harnessing renewable energy sources. And clean.

Empowerment programme

A program that specializes in raising the efficiency of employees, developing their skills, and improving the work environment for the purpose of empowering human resources in a way that is consistent with the company’s plans and objectives.