About us


To lead the change towards differentiated and sustainable green cementitious products for our society


To create an ecosystem that fulfills the objectives of: Our clients receiving highly performing and differentiated products, our shareholders owning a profitable and governed business, our employees’ development and career growth, and our communities being environmentally and socially responsible


The company’s values serve as the moral compass for the company’s directions. City Cement is poised to lead sustainable development by making an active contribution while considering all stakeholders through a strategy to meet the objective and synchronize the actions aligned with the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision.

Customer centricity

Fostering a positive customer experience and creating a lifetime value to nurture customer relationships and strengthen their trust.

Environmental & social responsibility

Building a sustainable today and tomorrow, City Cement responsibly serves the community in every way possible.

Employee first

Creating a culture that develops a more significant impact and provides maximum opportunities to all our members

Innovation & growth

 Staying committed to timely innovations that produce greater results for sustainable economic growth today and tomorrow

Honesty & integrity

Setting the work environment that strictly follows business ethics, transparency, and honesty at all levels.


Formation of City Cement Company

First production line becomes operational with a capacity of 5,000 MT per day

IPO of 50% company shares with more than 3 million subscribers

Launched Operational Efficiency and Fuel Rationalization initiatives

Introduced TDF as an alternative fuel

Second production line becomes operational with a capacity of 5,500 MT per day

Launched commercial operations of Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHR) up to 14.25 MW

Conducted a study to use solid, industrial, and agricultural waste as an alternative fuel

Increased our alternative fuel substitution rate

Launched new, improved eco-friendly products

Started cooperation with governmental authorities for waste management initiatives to process the industrial waste as per the best environmental practices

City Cement launched the first Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) integrated production facility in the Kingdom

City Cement launched Green Finishing Cement to accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions in the cement industry


CCC maintains a highly motivated work culture that every member takes pride in and follows by heart, the one that is enriched with passion, innovation, and work satisfaction.

With top managers guiding and inspiring the team, City Cement steps on a pathway that leads to career advancements and self-development. This commitment and belief benefit the company and its members equally. Redefining the role of human capital development in Saudi Arabia, City Cement invests heavily in all its employees so that each member of the company serves to protect the environment and deals fairly and ethically with their suppliers and customers.


Socially responsible
Sustainable enterprise
Customer focused
Culturally valued
Innovative & tech savvy
Bridge to the future


HRH Prince Abdulaziz Bin Mishal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Chairman of Board of Directors

Mr. Bader Bin Omar Al-Abdullatif

Vice-Chairman of Board of Directors and
Managing Director Executive​

Mr. Majed Bin Abdulrahman Al-Osailan

Chief Executive Officer and
Board Member ​Executive

Mr. Mohammed Saad Al-Mojel

Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Saleh Ibrahim Muhammed AlShbnan

Member of the Board of Directors

Engr. Mohammed Bin Hikmat Al-Zaim

Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Saleh Sulaiman Al-Rajhi

Member of the Board of Directors


 We intend to deliver on our strategy by converting City Cement into a leading company that can provide a sustainable, profitable, and win-win business model for all stakeholders adopting a value creation concept.

As part of this strategy, we are focused on providing differentiated products to support our customers’ growth and work hard to improve productivity and efficiencies. We will continue to invest in innovation while building and strengthening businesses to see superior growth and sector-leading returns.

We strive to become the leading, fully integrated Cement company. Our strategy considers the main pillars critical to who we are: Operational Excellence, Customer and Market Focus, Innovation, Transformation, and Localization. In our Cement business:

Operational excellence: We aim to improve efficiencies in our core areas of manufacturing, commercial, supply chain, and cost management.
Customer and Market focused: We work hard to understand the changing needs of our customers and the market in terms of service, product differentiation, and solutions.
Innovation: We strive for competitive advantage selectively through innovating our processes while prompting sustainability as the centre of our focus on running our business and addressing current and future .challenges
Transformation: We will continue enhancing City Cement’s organizational effectiveness by investing in leadership, training, and culture.
Localization: We aim to further develop the communities within Saudi .Arabi

At City Cement, we remain committed to being a key enabler of Saudi Vision 2030: a bold and ambitious drive to reduce Saudi Arabia’s carbon footprint by applying the world’s best practices and providing green environment-friendly products for a sustainable future.


Breaking new grounds and setting new benchmarks.

City Cement moves on a track that is constantly evolving and leads to the success of the organization, its stakeholders,and the community. Since its inception, the company is committed to comprehensive and continuous growth, building an environment that promotes culture, community, and a sustainable future for the generations to come.

City Cement’s distribution channel span across more than 35 destinations around the Kingdom with a radius exceeding 800 KM from its plant. It has a wide base of direct customers exceeding 260 customers working in cement and concrete applications of ready-mix concrete, prefabricated blocks, and finishing and blasting. We are a company that works for its stakeholders. We take pride in taking challenges as opportunities to pursue our goals which gives us a competitive edge over many others in the industry.